Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nostalgia and Miniature Worlds

Q: What do you do when you're stuck in a Brickvention queue for two hours?

A: Prepare for a room full of Lego by indulging in abject pop-culture nostalgia. And coffee.  But mostly nostalgia.

Yes, Storm Troopers were there in full costume.  Yes, I took a photo.

But despite the made-to-order fantasies of Lucasfilm, and Lego's mimetic tic, the real stars of the show were all bespoke.

The alien-kidnapped cows, the space shuttle, the alpine castle, the city with working train lines, cinema, bank, train yard, etc - they all demonstrated incredible discipline, passion and eye for detail.  And the best weren't built with instructions.

A week later, Nikos hasn't tried to copy a single one.  We're making a city, but it has a library (with books), a futuristic jail, a planetarium and two cement silos on a riverside dock - all his own ideas, adapted from books or everyday life.

We didn't buy anything that day.  But we took home something better than a new, overpriced set: an enlarged ambition for miniature worlds.  


Reservoir Dad said...

Sounds awesome,Damon. Sorry we missed you there. Couldn't stand in a cue for two hours with three young boys. You're much more dedicated and patient than me!

We did end up at a gay and lesbian festival on the Yarra which got a few funny questions from the boys and may give me some material for my own blogpost one day. hehe

Brendan said...

God damn, I friggin' love Lego. Too bad my parents gave it away to a younger kid. Sure, I was 27, but that's not the point.