Monday, January 3, 2011

Damon Wins 'Cut & Paste' Laurels

There's a column in The Australian, 'Cut & Paste'.  I'd never read it until recently.

Apparently it's a collection of 'obviously' mad, stupid or otherwise flawed statements (often from left-wingers).

It seems I won a spot recently, with my Herald column on Christmas.  I'm joined by Leslie Cannold, Wayne Swan and the Sydney Morning Herald's editor, among others.

I stand by my column and its message.  But I'll have you know I'm wearing my laurels with a rakish tilt.


danielsmith said...

From a section of the Oz, I'd take any criticism as a badge of honour. That page you linked to had a brief exerpt from your article, but I couldn't find any awards. Perhaps you'd need to write something in favour of AGW to really get their back up ... or mention their editor on Twitter perhaps, that seems to make them run around a lot.

Damon Young said...

The mention is an award. (For something.)

Daniel Fielding said...

I can only imagine the sort of response you would get, were i to submit your piece to a few American right-of-center publications/blogs etc. :):)