Friday, December 24, 2010

Sublime and Ridiculous

As we inch toward Christmas, the battle lines of faith are again drawn.

Lots of ontological and epistemological biffo.

(Much of it petty, aggressive or all-too-serious.)

Here's a quick remedy: a little pinch of sublime, and a little sniff of ridiculous.

'It is Accomplished', from Martin Scorcese's The Last Temptation of Christ, based on Nikos Kazantzakis' sublime book The Last Temptation. (NSFW)

'Hell', from Woody Allen's brilliantly ridiculous Deconstructing Harry (NSFW)

Whether you're celebrating the birth of Christ, the summer solstice, or just food, family and friendship, best holiday wishes to you.

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Rachel Fenton said...

Happy festivities to you and yours, Damon.