Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Second Birthday Sophia

Two years ago Ruth woke me with a calm whisper: "I think it's time."

Two hours later, Sophia Violet was literally in my arms, covered in all kinds of muck.

She is a rampaging, giggling, force of nature.  She draws, sings (in key), builds with Lego, and uses the word 'apparently' with abandon.  She likes purple.  She does not like quiche.

She just informed me she's 'done a wee' in her potty, and that I 'need' to take her for a babycino. That's my Sophia: proud, articulate and entitled.

Happy birthday, my lug of a girl.


Gondal-girl said...

She is purely adorable

danielsmith said...

Happy birthday, Sophia. :)

Using my powers of observation, I submit the idea that her hair has grown somewhat in the past 24 months.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, both. Dan, you have brilliantly eliminated the imfollicle.

Rachel Power said...

And she looks just like her dad!
Happy (belated) birthday to your darling girl...