Thursday, December 2, 2010

From The Desk Of...

Many of you've seen my 'Write Tools' series.  If you enjoyed this, you might get a kick out of From The Desk Of, a series on the work spaces of designers, artists, authors.

(Thanks to Gondal Girl for the link.)

I'm still chewing my way through the series, but I was struck by Vladimir Koncar's desk (above), and the space guns of Olimpia Zagnoli.

I also noticed how very neat my desk is, compared to most of the others. Empty and simple and anachronistic. (Sounds like me.)

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Gondal-girl said...

man, you beat me about blogging about this blog - though maybe I sent it to you originally because you have the worlds tidiest desk...maybe I didn't blog about it because mine is the opposite - a desk by the front door gathers the households crud...

I love the one with the sci-fi guns too and the one with Chagall poster - Sarah Weinman?