Friday, December 3, 2010

Feminism: a struggle shared

I've a piece on the ABC, 'Feminism: a struggle shared'.

I'm arguing that the stalemate in many gender debates is unproductive, and confused about feminist identity.  Feminism isn't necessarily some irrational, vengeful attack on men.  It's primarily about justice: something we can all embrace.  A sample:
Those who do not label themselves feminists, and who oppose themselves to those who do, are missing an opportunity to participate in the creation of a more just society. They’re doing so, not necessarily because of some well thought-out, systematic philosophy, but because they’re confused about identity. They think a feminist is a woman, with some skewed personal vendetta against specific men, or vision clouded by academic vagaries. And for this reason, their response is often unfair and ungenerous. It'd be more constructive to share the feminist identity. Their own concerns for fairness or justice might be realised by wearing the feminist mantle. And, in doing so, they’d be retaining that most fundamental of human inheritances: the cooperative improvement of one’s society.
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Sid said...

Sort of yes, but mostly NO!!! At least here in the USA, feminism has, unfortunately, been transformed from being a movement designed to improve women's lot into life, to becoming a movement led by angry academic women who are, essentially, men-haters. As a result, the y have become less and less relevant in American society, and have become a shadow of the feminist movement of the 1960sand the 1970s.