Thursday, November 18, 2010

World Philosophy Day

Today is World Philosophy Day.

To celebrate the day, I've a piece on the ABC, 'Stop and think: it's World Philosophy Day'.  I'm sketching out a few of philosophy's virtues - what it adds to life.  A sample:
Philosophy cannot accomplish miracles, of course. It can be duller than daily renovation conversations. And it isn't a science of character, stamping out cookie-cutter minds. There are undoubtedly stubborn, blinkered philosophers, without foresight or joy.
But at its best, philosophy is more than one day's celebration. It's a lifetime of clear ideas, robust virtues and quiet delight. It's a companion to the great human adventure: becoming what we are.
(Photo: Ricardo Andre Frantz)


danielsmith said...

Great article, Day. So do I wish you a "happy" philosophy day, or is that pushing the utilitarian barrow too much? Perhaps "well-examined philosophy day"? Such possibilities ... I can hear the Hallmark stock price going up as I type ...

Damon Young said...

Happy Philosophy Day
May your hemlock be fast-acting.