Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First Running Injury

A short story, with illustrations.

Friday morning I went for a run.  Someone had left this metal ring outside the pizza shop.

I didn't see it.  It wrapped around both my legs.  You can see its impression on my calf muscle here.

I landed pretty much as I was taught in Karate two decades ago: my palms, forearms taking the brunt of it.

Though my right knee copped a fair whack of asphalt.  The kneecap's now swollen and a little stiff.

But my favourite injury is my hip, where my iPod hit the gravel. You can see the scratches in the aluminium.

 The asphalt jammed it into my skin. You can see iPod's square outline.

I then finished my run, had a shower, winced a little, and crossed my fingers for the knee.

The end.


genevieve said...


Reservoir Dad said...

Any onlookers to add humiliation to the injury?

hehe. About ten years ago at a commercial gym I dropped a 15kg plate on my foot from about 1.5m off the ground. It broke my big tow into four pieces. Worst part was not being able to train properly for several weeks.

Hope your knee holds up for the next run.

Damon Young said...

G: You forgot an 'o'.

RD: Yes, one chap was walking not far away. He would've seen it. (Not even a 'You right mate?') I was too angry to be humiliated. To be blunt, I wanted to find the ring-dropper and...

As for not training - fingers crossed. The cuts are still bleeding and weeping, but I think the knee itself is OK.

Terry said...

Hi Damon

The picture's a little blurry, but I don't think that there's a 'ring-dropper' to blame. At least not a single one.

It looks like the reinforcing ring from a plastic hubcap - which many, many cars have nowadays. If you want someone or something to blame, it's time to take aim again at our car culture, the shoddy standards involved in producing the cars, the other cars that ran over the hubcap (thus separating the ring from the plastic), or the pothole that shook the hubcap loose.

Sorry about the injuries - but we can still marvel at the frustrating and beautiful contingency involved in all of our mishaps - and our successes.

cheers and take care


Damon Young said...

Thanks, mate. You're the second person to suggest a hubcap ring.

And, yes: I love all the little tiny bits required to provide the circumstances for my clumsiness to flourish. Happenstance and artistry, really.