Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interview: Graham Priest

Following on from his recent review, Alexander Hay at social networking site 'Older is Wiser' has an interview with Professor Graham Priest, my co-editor for Martial Arts and Philosophy.  A sample from Part One of the interview:
“Many years ago, my daughter was about 10. My wife and I decided that she should learn to defend herself. She was not a very physical kid, so my wife said that she would train with her. They found a local club in Perth (where we then lived), and started to train. A year or two later we moved to Brisbane. In Perth I played baseball, and when we moved I decided to hang up my glove, so I needed something else to do.
“My wife said, why don't we find a karate club here and all train together? I said that I was not into hitting people. She said 'You don't understand; its about not hitting people'. That sounded crazy to me (though she was quite right), but I thought 'why not give it a go?' Within a few months I was hooked."

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