Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martial Arts and Philosophy: Out Now

My co-edited 'pop' collection Martial Arts and Philosophy: Beating and Nothingness is now in stock in the United States.

It might take a little longer to reach bricks-and-mortar shelves, and then to the UK and Australia.

But if you're spoiling for a smart, funny marriage of fighting and thinking - well, suit up, take a bow and put up your intellectual dukes. (And other lame puns).

You can buy it on AmazonBarnes and Noble, Borders, Powell's and other shops I haven't thought of.


danielsmith said...

Congrats, Day! What with the spiffo exchange rate and all, I'll order my copy from the US.

Mike Clarke said...

Congratulations Damon!

I'm in my do-gi, I've got all my kendo gear on.....and I'm waiting!


Damon Young said...

DS: Thanks, mate. You have to buy a funny suit now. (You did Judo when you were little, didn't you?)

MC: Thank you, Mike. I hope it arrives soon (I've not seen my copies yet). You might like to change of the Kendo armour, and put on a light summer gi. (Do you have summer down there?)

Mike Clarke said...

Yes Damon, Tasmania enjoys summer every year. Usually on January the 5th,for about nine hours. Although, due to global warming they say this year's summer could last for as long as an entire weekend....gasp!