Monday, October 18, 2010

The Long Childhood

Smallness, with a hint of vulnerability? Check.

A wandering, dawdling gait? Check.

A long path ahead, with a bright but blurry destination? Check.

And mum and dad watching quietly from behind - perhaps receding a little? Check, check.

Childhood, in one one-hundred-and-fiftieth of a second.  (Blink and you miss it.)

What's exhilarating and frightening is that we don't grow out of this.  We've all the same fragility, waywardness, potential and precarious independence - only we're taller, and we can choose when to buy ice-cream.

Three cheers for the long childhood.


danielsmith said...

Lovely photo and text. One day I, too, will be allowed to buy ice-cream.

Rachel Fenton said...

Great piece.

I'm working on a series of paintings about childhood currently so this is a perfect accompaniment.


youngie said...

Beautifully put - so poignant.

Damon Young said...

DS: Try the sesame. You won't regret it. Unless you eat, like, five tonnes. Then you'll be very sad. And fat. (But delicious.)

RF; Pleasure, thanks. And good luck - quite the theme to tackle.

Y: Why, thank you.