Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Fifth Birthday Nikos

Today Nikos is five years old.

Next year he's off to school.  Here's my prediction for February 2011: I will simultaneously grab the extra hours with a loud huzzah, and lament his absence with a silent dirge. Hello ambivalence, my old friend.

Nikos can't know how much he's given to Ruth and me.  How our characters have been enriched and enlarged by his squirmy, chatty, buildy becoming.  No, this'll have to wait until he's a dad himself. ('Fingers crossed,' says the potential, premature grandparent in me.)

So for now, I'll simply say happy birthday my boy, and thank you.

And tidy up your Lego.


Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Happy birthday Nikos. You're a real cutie :) And I'm sure you'll be a star at school next year!

danielsmith said...

Happy birthday, Nikos! I'll send you a bottle of scotch, don't drink it all at once.

genevieve said...

oh lovely. Happy day to all of you :D

Damon Young said...

MM: I'm not sure this is a good thing. Shouldn't he be alienated or something?

DS: He laughed when I told him this. ('Cause he only drinks Early Times bourbon.)

G: It was indeed, thank you.