Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Spring's gentle nudge'

I've a piece in The Age today, 'Spring's gentle nudge to leave winter's walls behind'.

It's basically a celebration of the season's invitation: run outside, smell the allergenic air, get your hands filthy.   A sample:
After months of overheated offices, eczema and stodgy comfort food, spring affords a taste of life al fresco - for suburbanites like me, anyway.
Yes, this taste often means mouthfuls of anti-histamine tablets, and profound hatred of our national emblem, the golden wattle. And of course we go outside in winter - witness me jogging in thermals and a fleecy beanie, waiting for my hands to turn from white to pink.
But spring beckons: ditch the overcoat or hooded jumper, and get in touch with the elements. While sneezing uncontrollably.
(Photo: Bidgee)

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