Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mentally Sexy Dads - The Grand Final

Forget football.  It's the grand final of mental sexiness.

Today Clint Greagen and I spoke to Richard Aedy on ABC Radio National's 'Life Matters'.  The Mentally Sexy Dad competition, which I've written about for the ABC, is almost at its climax.  (Ahem.)

Today Richard interviewed the final five contestants, and two of their partners.  It was a diverse and humbling bunch of stories - different families, with different means to the same end: human flourishing.  Bloody fantastic couples.

If you're keen to celebrate this, one way is to vote here.  The winner will be announced Thursday October 7th, on 'Life Matters'. There's also a 'People's Choice' vote on Clint's website.

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Shannon Garson said...

Heard you on LM yesterday. It is very exciting to hear people you know on the radio. You are in great company! The five finalists are a bunch of incredibly, mentally sexy guys!