Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Guiltlessly myopic electioneering'

I've a piece on the ABC today, 'Guiltlessly myopic electioneering'.

I'm suggesting that our political system is overly short-sighted, and amplifies our everyday myopia. Our leaders might try overcoming this, rather than pandering to it. A sample:
the biosphere is the very model of necessity: it is often what must be, if we are to survive. We take a great deal for granted, including primary resources, fresh air, food, and water to swim and fish in. Particularly in Australia, we're accustomed to using and transforming nature's plenitude. The provision of natural resources is one of the great uncalculated costs of business: all that's offered gratis by the earth. Perhaps life has its own intrinsic value - philosophers are still arguing. But ecosystemic health is certainly of immense value to our survival. And in many cases human action is jeopardising this health - and our own.

In their electoral myopia, Australia's representatives are often reflecting our own, everyday biases. But perhaps we ought to ask more of our leaders: that they have the courage to overcome our habitual smallness of vision, rather than pandering to it. A week's an eternity in politics - but it's a blip in the lifetime of a species.
(Photo: Marcus Wong)


genevieve said...

Damon, there was a very tough piece by Nick Bryant of the BBC in the weekend Oz - I will look again, it was so incisive about the state of electioneering here that I bet anything you like it's still not online. "Politicians on the straight and narrow".

genevieve said...

Naaah! still not happening. They haz buried it.
Will go and read yours now.