Monday, August 30, 2010

A Dinky Toy

Television science-fiction often lacks the profundity of its literary equivalent. It can be rushed, cliche-sullied and saturated with action instead of introspection.

I've argued for the virtues of Star Trek, of course. But I do think a stronger case can be made for prose fiction - the 'scientific romance' I wrote about in my last post.

Nonetheless, sometimes the spirit of a series like Star Trek can be a good kick in the pants; an affirmation of certain simple but valuable things.

This dinky little toy - literally Dinky, this is its brand - is a reminder of this affirmation, in a die-cast form. I picked it up on the weekend from a local market. It was made the year after I was born, and is still in good nick. As a Trek fan, I couldn't pass it up.

It's now sitting on my desk, with an odd combination of kitschy nostalgia, Peter Pan Syndrome and a little mindfulness.

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