Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Too much screen time means our lives lack dimension'

I've a piece in today's Age, 'Too much screen time means our lives lack dimension'.

I'm asking: how well do we combine television and intimacy?

It's not an all-out attack on the idiot box, but a reminder of restraint. A sample:
This isn't a simple moral issue: to be good, one must turn off the television. Rather, it's a question of value. If time with our friends is worthy and rewarding, then we might need to be clearer about how to best encourage this; we could be more decisive in our own daily rhythms, more sensitive to what labours closeness requires.

Unlike the idiot box, we can't do intimacy by remote.
(Photo: Jeroen Kransen)


danielsmith said...

G'day Day,

That's all very well and good, but have you seen some of the great new obstacles featured in UK Wipeout? Or some of the zingy one-liners in quality sitcoms such as Two and a half men? I mean, I'm only flesh and blood, man.

Damon Young said...

You're right. I'm convinced.

As Joey from Friends would say: "Well, that's never happened before."

Ho, ho. Oh, the laughs we used to have with those crazy characters.

Ho ho.

Peter Fyfe said...

"Not that there's anything wrong with that?"

The above fore-mentioned. said...

I followed the link and read the whole article and I loved the line:

"In short, we need to talk: it's how we keep knotting and tangling the ties that bind us."

I also loved the comments it excited beneath the article! e.g. "Jesus loves you". What does that have to do with television? But otherwise, a fantastic counter argument!

Damon Young said...

PF: Great episode.

TAF-M: Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I've no idea what 'Jesus loves you' meant in that case. But it read like the perfect reply to me.