Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Science Fiction World

A little while ago, while singing the praises of Star Trek, I wrote of, the science fiction, fantasy news and review website.

Just a quick note: they're now 'Science Fiction World', and still serving daily plates of gourmet nerd soul-food.

Hold your Aragorn sword high, toast your Romulan ale, and get stuck in.

(Photo: Zir)

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Gordon said...

I question 'high ideals' -not against your statement, but more as a tangential luft-opening, in the sense that what seems to be portrayed - as was perhaps less hidden in the original series: America vs. Russian Klingons - is what S.Zizek calls, late global capitalism with a human face - what for him amounts to proto-"Groucho Marx Totalitarianism" i.e. the bullet train to Berlusconi's bread and circuses-Italy (or since there is no capital involved, we might say, laissez faire enlightened liberalism i.e. the non-radical, non-revolutionary position of the affluent "West', or the so called North of the 'North-South divide", this anyway is how Next Generation strikes me - And my God! the first episode explicitly posits Picard as Lenin: Worf says "he wants his officers to learn, learn, learn"! So surely the writers fancied themselves somewhat progressive (although this is absurd given more persons were murdered under Lenin, summarily, in the first year of the Revolution then in the hundred previous, and they got process under the Tzars...but the popular imagination is undaunted by blood they can't see, "blood on the other side of the" curtain, so to speak: Ref. Sloterdijk's Zorn und Zeit) in the mode of all arm-chair Leftists who, ipso facto, by their actions in the world, support the status quo and are therefore to be seated to the Right! I defy anyone to answer: Where is Danton (has anyone seen this wonderful Polish film by Wajda?) is the Star Trek universe? There are some Guevara like characters, this is the naked point! They are always presented as if against the God-Head of Star Fleet Ideology and its fantastic moral machinery, they are the accused, the suspect, and never equal makers of all the pretty worlds.