Friday, July 30, 2010

'Mentally Sexy Dads'

Why am I playing in my underwear? Good question.

I've a piece with the ABC today, 'Mentally Sexy Dads'.

The undies are from Clint Greagen, blogger at Reservoir Dad. Clint is running the Mentally Sexy Dad competition, and the undies are part of the fun.

If you look closely, you'll see 'Reservoir Dad' emblazoned on my modest manhood. (And for a new, fitter shot, see here.)

A sample from today's ABC piece:
Ultimately one competition won’t change the habits of generations, particularly as many are happy with traditional arrangements. And this isn’t a means-end decision: more housework equals more nookie equals happiness. It’s simply about relearning what a real man looks like.


Reservoir Dad said...

haha. Great work Damon. And congrats and thanks on the article. It's a great write up.

Rachel Power said...

Yep, you're a champion, Damon.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, RD and RP. I await the sight of you both in your undies.

Mike said...

Ahh! What's Mr Abbott done with Dr Damon? Oh, that IS Dr Damon.
Nice one DAY, any excuse to show off the new bod!