Friday, June 18, 2010

'A rhythmic, sweaty meditation'

I've a piece on the ABC today, 'A rhythmic, sweaty meditation'.

I'm exploring the virtues - physical and mental - of jogging. A sample:
I savour the experience of running. It's not quite like football or sparring in martial arts, which require rapid, trained reflexes, and focus on kicking, hitting and dodging. It involves effort and perseverance, but not precise concentration. While jogging, the mind wanders, ascends, dances - it's a kind of rhythmic, sweaty meditation.

It also offers an enlivening solitude. Alone with myself, and my exertion and discomfort, I've an opportunity for honesty: about my mental and physical limits. There's no-one else to blame; no easy distractions - I must press on or give up my illusions.

This can be daunting but also refreshing: the existential simplicity of felt responsibility and commitment.
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