Monday, June 14, 2010

The Literary World

Yesterday, I spoke at Limmud Oz with Maria Tumarkin and Howard Goldenberg. This morning I sent my 'gardens' manuscript to my editor at MUP.

While I wrote the email, and checked over the document, Nikos was very busy. I could hear kid bustle. He asked me to look at his room, but I was busy. Back he went.

When I finished, I shuffled into the bedroom, and was astonished by what I saw. A fully-arranged 'book launch'. White Woofy sitting at the front, with Rabbit, watched by a crowd of teddies (all with tickets, of course).

Nikos knows about book launches, because he recently went to Maria Tumarkin's, for Otherland. I didn't think he was paying attention. Clearly he was. When I spoke of Maria last night, it obviously percolated in his mind. So while I sent a manuscript (one end of the literary ladder) he was launching a book (the other end).

Nikos is not yet five years old. And here it is: the ordinary, everyday literary world - not distant glamour or corporate mechanics, but the sort of thing one does first thing on a Monday morning.

Bourdieu would have a field day. (Bourdieu. Field. Tee hee.)


Elisabeth said...

That must have been a fantastic event, Damon. Maria Tumarkin is another one of my literary heroes. I've been re-reading er book on Courage. Boy can that woman write.

Congratulations on your next production now in labour, and soon to be born.

It's wonderful how effortlessly the young imitate their parents.

Reservoir Dad said...

That's just so great. Kids are a lot more aware of what's going on in Mum and Dad's world than a lot of people think. My kids are constantly surprising me (usually with words I use that they shouldn't hehe.)