Friday, June 11, 2010

Geeks of the World Unite

I've a piece with the ABC today, ' Not just for geeks'.

I'm arguing for the enduring virtues of the long-running Star Trek franchise - why, as a philosopher, I find it valuable. A sample: its finest, Star Trek is a bona fide philosophical companion. It depicts limited, sometimes-powerless human beings, trying to come to terms with a baffling or inhospitable universe. It shows characters unafraid of high ideals, even in the midst of interpersonal tensions, or grave danger. And, for the most part, it does so sincerely, unafraid of paralysing cynicism. The lesson is this: that with perseverance, reflection and collaboration, we may indeed ‘live long and prosper’, in an imperfect world.
This is obviously part of a broader interest in science-fiction, fantasy, and superhero guff. Despite the Star Trek cufflinks, I'm not quite the cosplaying uber-geek yet. But I'm certainly a geek. And a nerd. (There is a difference.)

With this in mind, I've been enjoying, a news and reviews website for 'SF, Sci-fi, speculative fiction, magical realism, fantasy, phantasy, or just plain science fiction and fantasy'. I don't always agree with John and Gerard's criticisms and praise - but I like their enthusiasm, clarity and mastery of the genres. If you'd like a little civilised argy-bargy, check out their two reviews of Avatar (Gerard versus John).

Geeks of the world, unite - you have nothing to lose but your reproduction Aragorn swords and plastic phasers!

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