Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Taking a bite out of Apple's vision'

I've a piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald, 'Taking a bite out of Apple's vision'.

I'm suggesting the dangers of seduction by Apple's aesthetic and technological seamlessness. (A seamlessness I myself enjoy.) A sample:
Apple is just doing what most multinationals try to do everywhere: the restriction of options and possibilities, in the service of market share. It's not tyranny, or I couldn't freely write this. But it is something tyrannies encourage. It's why folks are worried about Apple's proprietary bookshop, Amazon's book-snatching Kindle and Google's country-specific search restrictions: they're exercises in corporate control.

The point is not that digital technology or corporations are one-dimensionally evil. Instead, it reveals the dangers of our own weakness for seamlessness: it can be enslaving, not emancipating. It can tempt us to buy, and buy into, myths of aesthetic or technological perfection, rather than questioning their contribution to human flourishing.
As one correspondent has pointed out, Steve Wozniak does still work for Apple, but only part-time. My mistake.

(Photo: from Geekschwag)

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