Thursday, February 4, 2010

These Are the Voyages...

Yesterday was Nikos' first day back at kindergarten.

When I picked him up, he gave me this collage: 'Space'.

The blocks are a space station, and the blue swirl is a nebula. He also made a Federation shuttlecraft to explore the space.

Plans are afoot for Lego starship, shuttle and so on.

Many of you know my fondness for Star Trek. Does this mean Nikos has been glued to the television, sucking down the CBS & Paramount franchise?

No. Just a few seconds of this clip on Youtube, and a few minutes of this independent fan-made series. The rest is chats with Dad, and a four-year-old's innovation and curiosity.

Despite my opinion of television, I'm not suggesting we have to ditch the idiot box generally, or Star Trek specifically.

My point is this: the imagination is an amplifier, an elaborator - it magnifies, gilds, variegates, distills. Sometimes it only needs a little speck to do its work: the grain of sand that offers Blake's world.

Because of this, kids don't need hours of daily television (or 'educational television') to learn or create - they just need glimpses, hints, suggestions.

With encouragement and enthusiasm, they'll do the rest.


Liosis said...

People are so awesome. Although sometimes I wonder if they should train us to be stupid so we can slow down and do the work before coming to conclusions.

Damon Young said...

For stupidity training, I recommend sleeplessness and constant noise.

It's worked for me!

Liosis said...

I think I will try that. I've been meaning to kick that silly habit of sleeping anyhow.