Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Face of Distraction

As I wrote last week, Distraction will soon be winging its way overseas.

This is an early version of the UK cover, which may be tweaked closer to publication. (Click for a bigger image.)

I like it.

Like most of the 'Art of Living' covers, it's simple, quickly recognisable and playful.

And it speaks to the book nicely. A paper plane can be a distraction, sure - a way to avoid important study, work or conversation.

But it can also be something we craft; something elegant, beautiful. Its slow glide or frenetic loops can inspire reverie.

In short, the plane suggests the conflict of distraction: between a flight from life, and the flights that enrich it.

I'm still fond of Ellie Exarchos' striking Australian cover. But I'm also excited about Distraction's new face.


Rachel Fenton said...

It looks good - clean and intelligent.

Elisabeth said...

It's not distracting, Damon, an honest cover. I love the colour blue.

Damon Young said...

R: Thank you, I like cleanliness and intelligence.

E: My thanks. But is that really blue? I was thinking light sea green or something...or light cyan?

estelle said...

I am really such a big fan of the new cover. I love the simple black lines and though I know it's a design feature that runs through the whole series, I can't help but be reminded of an airmail letter -- lovely distraction indeed.

Damon Young said...

Thank you, Estelle.

It's very crisp, quiet - a great contrast with the boldness and blur of the Australian cover.

Yes, I'm known to stop writing in mid-sentence when the mail is delicately shoved in the letterbox...

Kirsty Murray said...

Very classy. And elegant too.

Michael M said...

Honestly Mr Young, the new UK cover has nothing on its Australian parent. The UK design has an 'ebook-esque' feel to it whereas with the later, well, I can almost smell the ink and paper waft off my screen.

Damon Young said...

Er, thanks. We'll have to agree to disagree, mate.