Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just What the Two Doctors Ordered

This last month Ruth's had a project to finish, and we've often been apart: Dr. Young with the kids, Dr. Quibell at her desk.

I've had little time for reading, writing or exercise.

But yesterday, Ruth gave me a few hours to work.

It was a gorgeous Spring day, all blue and breezy brightness.

In my glorious three hours, did I research Muromachi arts and literature, write notes on Meiji, and catch up on emails to editors?


I went for jog (just shy of six kilometres) to where Ruth and the kids were. Then we spent the afternoon together: dining, walking, reading kids' books, and the like.

While I didn't do any work, I felt perfectly philosophical: less distracted by false values, and more sure of what's worthwhile in life; less waylaid by the phantoms of duty, and more clear about happiness.

A day together was just what the two doctors ordered.


katiecrackernuts said...

Damon, sounds delightful. 6kms is my average run. I started running only a couple of years ago and it's now a salve - time out to digest the day. Nice one. Good choice.

genevieve said...

oh blimey, just what I need to do too. Thanks for the reminder.

genevieve said...

...won't be running though! gentle walking on treadmill and up hills with longlegged son is in order though.

Damon Young said...

Katie: I ran three kilometres, and then intended to go home and work. But it was such a lovely day, I just kept on going...

Genevieve: I'm sure a treadmill would be kinder to my body (but more burdensome for my mind).