Monday, January 19, 2009

Love: The Eyes Have It

One of the wonders of parenthood is its moments of quiet, private discovery.  

In this case, it's Sophia's eye contact.  She had a steady, attentive gaze when she was born - immediately, she sought our eyes (and nipples).

But now, at five weeks, she's constantly, curiously looking us in the eye. And with a smile.

When I grin, she grins.  When I look startled, she furrows her brow.

What's delightful is the sudden realisation of a new, burgeoning self; an attentive, unfurling little psyche.  And this draws me out of myself, toward this fresh, developing person.

Perhaps Iris Murdoch was right: love and sight are intimately wedded to the good in life.  Goodness requires that we learn how to genuinely, generously see - and with love.

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