Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome Sophia Violet - 13/12/08

Yesterday morning, our delightful daughter Sophia Violet was born.

After a blessedly brief labour, she came into the world (and into my hands) at 7.50am. 

She was a very heavy, slippery 4.06kg.

Sophia and Ruth are both well. 

No doubt more ruminations and poetry will follow. For now: thanks to everyone for your good will and wishes. 


Dan said...

Congrats Day! Wonderful news, and Sophia is a lovely name (was on our shortlist ...!) Our best wishes to all four of you and happy 0th birthday Sophia. :)

Drop us an email when everything settles down. You also realise this means you've broken your family tree's "only child" pattern?


Dan & Naomi

Rachel Power said...

Yes, welcome baby Sophia! What can I say? In the words of the marvelous Stevie Wonder--isn't she lovely?!

Ainsley said...

Congratulations to you all!

I'm glad you're all well, and Sophia looks very cute.

Terry said...

G'day Damon Ruth and Nikos,

Congratulations! Sophia looks great! More philein sophia for all!


love t.

Susan Johnson said...

Congratulations, Damon.

And may I say that, despite never having met you and knowing your face only from photographs, that your new daughter looks very much like you!

Happy Christmas to all of you.

Warmest wishes

Damon said...

Thanks, everyone.

Dan, I'm glad I've made your shortlist. I'd like a name for the award, please. (Not 'The Smith'.)

Rachel, she is lovely! And now - damn you - I have Stevie Wonder in my head.

Ainsley: good luck!

Terry, I swear I didn't choose the name for 'philosophical' reasons. But, I agree: I want a world of philein sophia!

Susan, yes, she looks like her brother. And her brother looks like me. Poor kids!

Kirsty Murray said...

Wow! She's so delicious! Congratulations. The more babies you have, the sweeter the pleasures (and the deeper the exhaustion). Hope Christmas brings all four of you much joy.

knittywomanonatrain said...

Congratulations :)


DCS said...


Congrats, and Merry Christmas.


PS. Time no see, how is it going?

Damon said...

Thanks, DCS.

Yes, I'm very well. Not training, but trying to get the fitness up (so I'm not a fatter bastard by 2009).