Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Divided Heart

In this week's The Big Issue magazine (26th Aug-8th Sep), I've a review of Rachel Power's new book, The Divided Heart. Subtitled 'Art and Motherhood', it's an intriguing, hilarious, shocking and saddening collection. I've written:

Refreshingly, these are stories of real parenthood - not excerpts from scripts for an election campaign or margarine ad. They portray it as a very personal and unpredictable achievement that can give rise to considerable ambivalence. ... But...this is a book for everyone who laments the daily juggling act...and does it all, anyway.

For all those whose life involves nappies and Nietzsche, sleeplessness and Cezanne, this is a must-read. And for everyone else: pick it up anyway, and explore the balancing act that is any life lived fully.


Rachel said...

Ah, Damon, you're great. Many thanks. And congratulations on your own new literary achievement! So looking forward to reading your orphans, no doubt well-brought up and more than ready to take on a life of their own. How liberating for you! Looking forward to a few laughs with you and Catherine at Readings...

Damon said...

Thanks Rachel - I really enjoyed your book. I also read Jane Sullivan's review, which was nice.

Yes, my orphans are now on the shelves at Readings, clothed only in their 'special price' and 'signed by the author' stickers. I hope you enjoy Distraction.

See you at Readings on the 30th!

ausxser said...

Hello Damon

I've read Rachel Powers book and found you via her blog.

I am now looking forward to picking up a copy of your latest!


Damon said...

Welcome, Tannia - and thank you.

If you find the book (it's not at Angus & Robertson, or all the Dymocks), I hope you like it!